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Frontline Manager™: Introduction to Supervision

Self-Paced6 Course Hours | 12 Weeks
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Frontline Manager™: Introduction to Supervision


This course, aimed at aspiring supervisors and companies that want to improve their employees' supervisory skills, is designed to help a worker make the transition from individual contributor to a supervisor who oversees the work of others. Self-paced and highly interactive, the course details the fundamental nature of a supervisor's role and the basic management principles that apply to it. It also provides a close look at seven skills that are essential to any supervisor's success: managing time and priorities; communicating; organizing the work and setting goals; managing relationships; resolving conflict; guiding the work; and managing performance. Learners will also have a chance to assess their own supervisory skills and get practical tips on dealing with upper management.


  • IACET CEUs: 0.6
    • HRCI Credits: 6
      • SHRM PDCs: 6


        • Mobile-friendly
        • Audio-enabled
        • Fully accessible
        • Expert-supported
        • Badge and credit-awarding
        • Games & Flashcards
        • Video content

        learning Outcomes

        • Outline the stages in the supervisory transition process.
        • Explain the five roles that a supervisor must perform.
        • Distinguish between and among different organizational structures, explaining how the supervisor's role fits within each.
        • Define "span of control" and discuss the different factors that may broaden or narrow a supervisor's span of control.
        • Explain the importance of emotional intelligence for those in a supervisory position.
        • Discuss the seven most important supervisory skills.
        • Discuss different strategies for managing time and priorities.
        • Describe ways to improve your active-listening skills and explain the importance of active listening in the communication process.
        • Define SMART goals and explain how they improve the goal-setting process.
        • Assess the relative importance of different interpersonal skills in the context of relationship management.
        • Discuss the stages of conflict and explain how a supervisor can most effectively address conflict in the workplace.
        • Discuss the role of both formal and informal feedback in a performance-management system.
        • Identify key strategies for "managing up."

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